Our Story

1 Billion Pounds of Plastic

Joining our hoomans (at Pela) in their goal to reduce 1 Billion pounds of plastic from polluting our planet, we pets have decided to clean up our act. Starting of course, in the shower. Applying the same methods, technology and passion for the planet, we have plans to upgrade toys, beds and so much more. After all, less plastic means more play.

Our Ingredients

Less plastic, more time for play.

Aloe Vera

Soothes itchiness and irritation, aids in a soft coat afterwards too.


Oat is widely known as a skin soother, which helps with itchiness and irritation as well.

Vitamin E

Very moisturizing, used for it's soothing properties as well. Can help eczema, and itchiness.

Cocoa Butter

An amazing ingredient for silky hair. Very moisturizing and great for skin.

Vitamin B-5

This is a great conditioner ingredient as it helps create a silky feel to the hair.


Relaxing, gentle, and soothing

Our Promise

Made With Natural Ingredients


Ingredients you can trust, with none of the icky things. Vegan, handmade, 100% good stuff.


No animals were harmed in the making or testing of our products. Although some of them were not too happy about getting a bath.

Giving Back

Donate through 1% For The Planet

Plastic Free Biodegradable

We look to reduce our impact in any way possible from manufacturing, ingredients, and packaging we go plastic free and biodegradable whenever possible.

USA and Canadian Based Company